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Hi Jake. I will try to give you some info. Your request seems to be biased towards what most of us would consider Adventure bikes. BMW and KTM are expensive marks that do not always come equiped with quality equipment. ie. seats, suspension brakes reliability ergonomics to name a few.

I am in my 60s, don't get out to ride too often, used to be at least a low intermediate rider. Now have a DR650 that I have modified extensively to try to achieve these goals. Long range solo dual sport rides, tar 60 to several hundred miles to get to dirt roads, back roads, two track and then normally an even longer ride home on tar to get back to work on time.

These are my goals that I modify to achieve. Comfort, seat, bars, pegs relationship. Handling, If it won't handle on dirt and tar it is worthless. Power, we ride for the thrill of the ride, no power then why are we out there? Range, how much MPG does it get and how much fuel. Three hundred miles, minimum and preferably 500.
Reliabilty, air cooled, carb, easy to work on, wet sump, light enough to handle off road and light enough to pickup by myself . Lights, can you see where you are going above 25 miles per hour. Can you see against the headlights of oncomming traffic? Electrical capacity, can you run extra lights, heated clothing? Do the brakes work ? Will they stop in an emergency? If a car turns left or a deer runs in front of you can you at least scrub enough speed to survive the impact? Suspension, can you ride a hundred mile of washboard roads on it, or some of the California freeways?

Does this bike put you in the flow when you ride it? As one with the bike, riding effortlessly without fear on any road or terrain?

This is what I think they are building today.. ill handling, too tall,top heavy pigs, underpowered, poor quality suspension, set up for ultra light riders, inadequet brakes, with known problems that are not rectified from year to year for years on end. Poseur bikes not meant for anything except graded dirt road or tar. And those are there good points, with seats that would be outlawed for use in prisons. Tom
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