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Me and Hard Working Dog both rode that road North of Coco's recently.

That was the weirdest gravel-------in places you'd sink in it like sand and your bike would waller all around under you.
We were both on 250's---------you won't be happy on it with your BMW but you'll make it.

I actually got off the gravel and rode in the sand most of the time beside the road. It was much easier and I could do a good 50mph in it standing on the pegs.

Be careful on the nice pavement-----------you can go really fast on it if you want-----------but there are many huge deep quick dips in the road for water to run across the road during a hard rain that will put you over the handlebars.
I've got probably 10" of travel on my WR and I bottomed it out about 3 times.
Instead of putting a culvert under the road for the water to run under---they dip the road. They will sneak up on you.
Somebody just hit a cow on that road recently--------tore the front end off the bike---killed the cow---and broke his wrists and ribs.

And that road going West from Coco's----------will rattle your teeth out unless you have really good suspension. My Wr sailed smoothly over it when I kept my speed up.

Thank you both for the info, I reckon I'll try it, I know the dips well and have bottomed out on them going too fast. it is just the sand and gravel section that concerns me since that is the one thing my GS is good at is "sinking in", of course I load too much shit, trying to get the bathtub strapped to the top of my Varios.

That is why you do not ride at night in Mexico not the bandits but the cows who play Pick Up truck at night and will make you into hamburger while mooing "Sweet Revenge"!

Again thank you for the info, I will take it easy.

Ride safe.
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