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I have been a rider since I was about 12 yrs.old. Got my first 'street' bike at 15. No license, no insurance, bike plated in my Mom's name. I am now 55 and sold my last bike ('10 GSA) last spring. My wife sold her '11 KTM 990 this past fall. We just weren't having fun anymore.

We thought it would work out having one bike between us that we could both ride (990). Go on holidays, one riding, one following in the Xterra, with the dog and camping gear. Take turns riding and driving. It worked out quite well actually.

But it still wasn't 'fun' anymore. Too many restrictive traffic laws (40 kms over limit, bike seized, license suspended etc), anal drivers, high insurance costs. It all added up and we said fuck it, sell the bike and see what happens. Well it is now 6 months later, no bike, no riding, selling off some of the excess gear we have and I really don't miss it all.

Guys at work were amazed I quit. I was the one coming in every day, rain, sleet, the dark of night, year after year. Always on a bike. A couple guys started riding again because of me. I will most likely ride again. Maybe in a year or two. For now it is fine.

I did the same and bought a boat.
One year later the boat sits in the shed and i went from 0 bikes to 2 bikes.

It's a disease, one that sticks with you for the rest of your life.
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