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Originally Posted by SlipChip View Post
I keep visiting this site... Renting a bike in SF and riding up and down the coast would be awesome, kinda pricey though....
I've rented from Dubbelju several times. Simply an outstanding customer experience! The rides where fun too. . They run a pretty urban, laid back operation in downtown San Francisco. Lots of choices from scooters to big GS's and the aforementioned Multistrada. They are my go to choice in San Francisco. They are always busy.

Motoquest rents KLRs and BMWs in LA, Anchorage, and I think Seattle. They are more group touring oriented, but you can also just rent and go. Phil runs trips all over the world, but seems to specialize in Alaska, where he's from.

IIRC, there is a company in Tennessee that also rents adv bikes and does tours. Never used them, but will look into it next time the need arises.

I've also rented from a guy in Seattle that has about 10 different bikes. I had a choice between BMW LT, BMW RT, Triumph, and an FJR . Took the FJR and had an outstanding trip to Whstler and back.

Eagle Rider seems to be the only truly national company doing rentals. They show multiple brands and styles of bikes, but seem to lean towards the cruiser crowd.

I've also rented Hardleys in Colorado Springs from Pikes Peak HD. Great people, but a somewhat scary experience trying to horse a Road Glide up and down Pikes Peak, befor it was fully paved. The hairpin curves gave that bike the shakes

I travel (and rent from Hertz) nearly every week. I'd certainly rent a VStrom or similar, instead, if I could get it for $50 or so a day. BMW's are great and all, but may throw the economics all out of whack. Stick to UJM's and price it right and you may have a good business.

I'd talk to all the other rental companies before doing anything. If you aren't going to compete on their turf, they should be willing to share. From what I can see, Dubbleju is the best in the business, fly out, rent from them and talk to Wolfgang.

One thing t keep in mind. If you are running the shop you won't be out riding.
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