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Vibration Control

Having a brand new official Suzuki balancer chain, I finally decided to use it on my SR43 engine rather than the SR41 rebuild (still waiting patiently on the bench).

I spent a happy Saturday removing the left case, playing with stator and starter gears and installing the new balancer chain.

I learned a few things along the way:

..The cam chain slack adjuster has to be accessed with a long standard screwdriver with about a 5-6mm head. The screwdriver must be inserted into the hole at the front of the cylinder at about a 30deg angle. This puts the handle well below the bottom oil cooler mount.

...After loosening the can tensioner (about 3 full turns clockwise as you look into the hole) you can maintain the position of the screwdriver by gently clamping the screwdriver shaft to the oil line. It doesn't take much force to hold it in place.

....The upper balancer sprocket can NOT be removed simply by loosening the cam chain tension. The valve cover must be removed, the cam sprocket bolts removed and the cam sprocket pulled to the left and dropped off the mounting position on the cam. This is the only way I was able to get enough slack in the cam chain to remove the upper balancer/cam drive sprocket.

.....Using the official Suzuki balancer chain was nice since it had the colored indicator links that make timing the balancer and crank shaft a lot easier.

......I noticed that there was a visible difference in the length of the old balancer chain and the new one. When both chains were hung off the end of a screwdriver, the old chain was about 4mm longer than the new one. Whether this stretch/wear will improve the engine vibrations of the SR43 remains to be seen.....maybe today.


At present, I'm having a bit of difficulty tightening/torquing the balaner sprocket bolts. I do not have the special tool necessary to hold the sprockets in place and the balancer chain slips if I try to hold the assembly still with the main flywheel bolt.

Any suggestions or shortcuts here?

Rob and Resi, I know you've both had many of these engines apart. Is there anything I can do before I start to fabricate a tool to hold these sprockets?

Going to try to get the bike running today.
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