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Thank you all for the repplies, please keep them comming.

The company I worked was called American Road Collectoin, we were an authorized HD rental but our shops were standing alone.

Being authorized HD was good due to the deals for buyng and turnig bikes back, the depretiation was on contract and value was set.

the good was always having new bikes, (never older than 18 months or 18k miles) the bad was always having to buy new bikes and for HD to accept them they had to be in showroom condition. without a doubt, you could not pick our bikes from the new ones on the showroom without looking at the speedo. (except for heritage that had those bags that always got saggy)

I do believe that if available, mid size bikes (non crtuisers) can have enough demand to keep a shop running.

but we have to be realistic and know that a 50 dollar day is a very hard to achieve goal because the demand I don't think will ever be that great.

right now I'm creating the business model plan to present my former boss next month where he will look over and give me some advise.

I'm living in Charlotte, NC, no a whole lote of riding here, but we are 2 hours from mountains, near a major airport, and not too far from beach.

I would however relocate if I find a location to better fit to the business model.

Again, thatks all for the feedback and please keep them comming, both good and bad.
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