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Originally Posted by pdxthmper View Post
Just picked up a 98 350se with 6900 miles in prety good shape, but now its time make it run really well.
1. With the CV carb, stock pipe and UNI filter at sea level what is a good starting point for jetting I have seen 140 main but what about the pilot?
2. Is the "T" mod for both CV and Pumper carbs?

right now the bike is hard to start and wants to die if you chop the thottle quickly also stubles a little in the mid range, is fine at high rpm / speed. I am expecting this to get cleaned up with a carb cleaning new jets, and a valve adj / check.

Projects for it before it gets handed over to my new to riding girlfriend
1. engine tune up: carb, oil change, valves, air filter
2. #3 lowering link, slide forks up
3. New Clutch cable
4. Clean / lube throttle cables
5. new grips and heaters

Pretty basic stuff anything else should be looking at while it is apart?
"T" vent mod is only for CV carbs.

I'm at 2200 feet and typically go up in elevation from here. I have a UNI filter, uncut airbox, Jesse modified stock muffler and I run stock jetting for my 1993 model year (CV carb). Even when I had a cut airbox and pumper carb, 140 was way too big for me. 132.5 main jet was the only difference from stock I used with my pumper.

Of course, YMMV.

Other things to do:
- grease the swingarm stuff
- check remaining space on cam chain tensioner (should be fine at 6900 miles)
- check wheel bearings
- lube speedometer cable


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