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Absolutely true, but many have noted that dealers will advertise bikes in Cycle Trader way before they're available with speculative prices that they may or may not eventually sell the bike for. IOW, the prices on Cycle Trader really don't mean very much until the importer has established pricing and the bikes are orderable. It is at this point that you're likely to be able to get a contract (or at least a firm price commitment) from a dealer.

If you can get a dealer to write a firm sales contract for $6K (with no other fees) for a 500X ABS at this date, probably a good deal. Call 'em up and see what they say.

I recall ads in Cycle Trader with prices for 2WD Yamaha dirt bikes that were never manufactured.

- Mark
Never said the advertized price of $5,999 was for the ABS model, It's for the standard model But there is now 2 dealers advertizing the cb500x for $5,999 and the one says it has a eta of march. I think the msrp will be the $5,999, if not maybe $5,899
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