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I backpack in areas heavily populated by Grizzly in the summers. A few pieces of advice that I have learned.

1. Never sleep in public campgrounds, unless in an RV. Too many fat assed idiots with food in their tents and on the ground. (this means stay away from ATV owners).

2.Pistols are worthless, leave em at home. Fish and Game find Grizz with multiple bullets in em, that have been in them for years all the time. You also will not have enough time to shoot them in their few weak points. Shooting them in the head is almost worthless because their skull is like iron. It will only piss em off worse.

3. Playing dead? Good phucking luck. If a pissed off Grizz gets that close, you will hardly be able to control yourself.

4.Carry bear spray, it works. Just aim in their general direction, their sensitive noses and nerves will feel like one thousand bee's on fire just flew in their head, they will drop to ground and start freakin out, letting you escape.

5.Avoid early spring and fall (pre/post hibernation). Simply put, when they are hungriest and don't give a shet what they eat, as long as it its warm.

6. Hike with a bell or two on your pack, this lets them know you are there and 80% will just haul ass, and the sound of which will still make you piss yer pants the first time.

7.Hang food up wind, about 250 yards away from where you camp. Hang food in a bag with a long parachute type cord. Hang it 6 feet out from tree on a branch at least 12 feet high. This takes practice tossing, but you will get it.

Years ago a hunter here in Idaho shot a Grizz four times with a 308 rifle. It still ate him and spit the bones out, wondered off bleeding, and ate another hiker 20 miles away two weeks later before Fish and Game shot it down with a 12 guage slug.

Other than that, sleep well and have fun up here!!

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