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Considering going with a north south engine mount to keep things more narrow (3" belt drive or CVT off of flywheel adds a good bit of width. Surprisingly........ the CVT even more so than belt drive.)

With North South engine orientation you gota go with a shaft drive or right angle gear box to chain. Shaft drive is how the CVTed Track Diesel is done. Research seems to show that Right side Final drives are CCW while Left sides are CW thus best would be right side Final Drive since engine is CCW spinner (as is most all engines). This is opposite side the OEM chain drive.

Plan would be to also put a sprocket at end of CVT output; belt or chain drive to a sprocket at the universal joint that the Final drive would attach too. Reason for the sprockets is to allow for the option of changing sprockets for adjustment of final ratio that you normally only get on a chain drive bike. Course if they made different ratios to swap into Final drives, would not need that ..... but no dice there; your stuck with the final drive's fixed ratio and nothing else. Thus the sprocket plan

With that in mind along with low rpm's of diesel engine and a cvt.......... what Final drive would you folk recommend? Honda goldwings are a dime a dozen and are right side Final drives. Not sure a Gold Wing wheel would go well though. Of course if by miracle a final drive that already has gear ratio's that would work well.......... then skip the sprockets and tag on end of Jack shaft the Secondary CVT clutch is on like the Track diesel seems to do. I dont know if that exist or not nor am I smart enough for the math to figure out what that miracle ratio would be

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