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The Phoenix AZ area has been hit especially hard. The economy was mostly based on construction, and other businesses supported by construction workers. Construction came to a complete stop back in '08 and has not started back. We have tens of thousands of vacant commercial and residential properties for sale and rent. A lot of it has been vandalized. I'm lucky to have 36 years into a government job. used bikes are priced pretty fair, but the big powersports dealers (the ones that are left) are STILL trying to rip people off with all their bogus fees. i hope I can get a base model CTX700 OTD for under $10K.

I never did care for sport bikes. Even back when I was able to ride them, it just took too much effort. Kind of like work. I just want to sit back on my easy chair on wheels and watch the miles roll by. A Goldwing is perfect for that, but at $4 a gallon for gas and 35 mpg, it gets expensive in a hurry. I'm hoping the CTX gets better mileage.
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