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I don't miss the snow. I was just talking to Angele, she and my friend Tommy are going out with the tractor to clear snow this morning.

Today, here in Rio Honda, Argentina, the weather has turned to steady rain and a forecast high of 24. It's about 18 this morning. I have decided to wait out the rain. The forecast is for sunny pleasant weather the rest of the week. I don't see any point in riding across Argentina in the rain, not seeing anything if I can sit tight for a day and avoid it.

It gets so hot here that on all the hills on the road, where the big trucks are making climbs the road has deep deep groves from their tires. I don't think I want to negotiate the grooves today in the rain. I have seen grooves like that in NB, especially that section of highway 11/15 near the Moncton Airport. The grooves here, however are so deep it's like a 6" curb on either side of the groove. You really got to pay attention. If there's a big hole in front of you, you can't ride out of the groove, you just have to slow down, add rain to that......that's why I'm sitting here. I'll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow to show you how bad they are.

Thanks for reading!

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