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Concerning the Game Con types as opposed to the Harley wannabees:

The Game Con types appear to have a sense of humor about it: They know they're wearing silly costumes and that they aren't really wizards. It's not a 'Lifestyle' to them.

Myself? I'd be too embarrassed to be seen with either group.

The convention is called GENCON.

It is the largest gaming convention of all kinds of gaming in the entire world to my knowledge.

I Speaking as a 25 year motorcycle riding enthusiast dirt, track and street and a gamer and business owner

relating to gaming.

The costumed people you are referring to are Cosplayers and they certainly are well aware they are wearing costumes most of them are related to anime and Japanese culture cartoons etc but make no mistake about the seriousness, they are dead serious about it. However they do not represent the larger part of the gaming community there its just a small part.

I really like the ride report im about 30 pages in so far but had to stop here because you give sport bike riders a bad name with the bias and stereotyping, you do understand that there is as many if not more wannabee's in sport bike riding as anything else right. You seem like a semi-intelligent dude able to show others kindness and receive it as well, and maybe I did not understand you here, but this sure seemed crappy to me.

I am 6"1" 235 pounds and solid muscle if you saw me walking through Gencon you would never EVER suspect I was there for that, for that matter if you saw me on my Panigale you would wonder how that works, so I am just wondering didnt anyone ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover ?

How do you know all those people are Harley "wannabees", or to put it in perspective for you someone always knows more than you, has more than you, is more tortured than you, can do it better and longer than you and you NEVER know who those people are without taking time to find out.

Maybe I am a little sensitive to this particular thing because I am a gamer, a rider, a husband, a family man, a veteran, a wrestler, a football player an mma fighter and much much more and I dont care for being stereotyped on first inspection...........

I welcome your response.
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