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Originally Posted by njoytheride View Post
Guess I can leave some input on the Husqvarna TR650 Terra. I picked one after riding it one time. The best all around dual sport bike I've ever ridden. Put the DR650, WRR250R, XR650R and a F800GS together and that is the Terra. Very pleased in every aspect of this bike (I know that is a strong statement and only my opinon)
How the the whole BMW..KTM..China...India...mess will end is open for debate. Guess I'll tell ya later. Would stink to see the bike discontinued because this platform has a lot going for it.
Hey, just came up with the bikes name."TERRA-NNOSAURUS WRECK"
The only steaks I get anymore are...." mistakes "
last one I promise......After having cataracts removed from both eyes last year I'm having LASIK done this week. Begining to feel like I'm making a spectical of myself.
Well, I'd say it's a safe bet that the bike WON'T be continued since it's half BMW and half Husky parts.
Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

Another day, another foot injury!
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