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Great Question

This is a great question, that I can only respond to by saying "it depends". Can you ride with Tourances? Well some of us can. Some of us need all the help we can get, meaning we would prefer TKC80's. "Most" of this route will be very easy to do on Tourances and would be preferred. However, it only takes one little section where the road has gotten a little dry and now it is a challenge. You can get through everything if you are familiar with sand.

Here is the some insight to the "GAME". Our "plan" read intention, is to have go arounds for the "questionable" sections. Everyone will be trying to get as many points as possible for their Class Division. On the route, there will be choices of routes along the way. One way will be a little more questionable and be worth more points. The easier route will be a few less points. The idea is that if one wants as little chance as possible of hitting sand, there will be a way around those sections. That said, this is targeted to the bigger bikes. So for "experienced" riders they could manage all of this with Tourances. However, everyone will get to pick their own way as you go, so hopefully everyone will get a feel as they go.

A note of warning. In riding these roads, one must pay very close attention to the conditions of the road/sand. You can be riding on hard packed sand/clay/limestone type road and then there will be a 30 or 40 yard section where the sand got soft. This is what catches folks out. You are going along nicely, speed keeps picking up, now you are faster than you realize, and before you know it, you are in some "stuff" saying "oh howdy!" So if you keep your speeds down and stay alert, all is good.

Good Luck

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This looks like fun. My question is tires for an 1150GS. I'll be riding from New York. Is this route passable on Tourances, or do I need to mount TKC-80'S? Kind of leery of running TKC80's from NY.

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