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XT 550 starts, then dies when choke off and won't restart

Hey guys-

I have an '82 XT550. It hadn't run in 7 years. I carefully cleaned up the carb and reinstalled (twice, actually - wasn't sure I got it clean the first time). The coil checked out bad, so I replaced it with an Emgo universal (one wire, vs. stock 2 wire, but stock coil has the black wire grounded, which is what I did with the replacement).

I had trouble starting it at first, but this morning it fired up fine, with choke on. Idled normally, and revved up OK. After I figured it was warm enough, I pulled back the choke and it died. No big deal, except now it won't restart.

I am starting to run out of ideas - any thoughts?

Anyone want to trade it for a 250?

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