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Originally Posted by tenelson View Post
Has anyone ever tried to weld a Guzzi stainless steel fender? The fender for my 850T is cracked, and I'd like to weld. I have a Hobart MIG and 75/25 Argon/CO2 gas. Do I need to get a new spool of wire?
Per Miller/Hobart, the gas needed for mig welding stainless steel is a trimix described here:

Stainless wire, compatible with the stainless of the fender is needed along with the trimix gas. Getting some familiarity with welding similar thickness stainless would be wise. However, stainless sheet is fairly expensive from sources such as McMaster-Carr. You can do the math, but after swapping out for a bottle of trimix, new wire, and buying stainless sheet of the right gauge to practice with it is likely that finding someone to TIG weld the fender is less expensive.

I would get good (or decent) at welding stainless sheet before tackling a project such as the fender. Brazing the crack with Safety-Silv 56 is something I would be comfortable doing. Good luck!
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