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thank you all for your replies! i get it i get it, i'll probably have to invest in a winter beater for the really bad days

Mercenary, it looks like a great bike. I especially like that 30min Icon showcase of the 800. The reason why I'm going for a 690 is because I'd like a bike which i can take a long trip on, and have a bike to do more technical stuff when its stripped of luggage. Maybe even get myself a set of supermoto wheels and hooligan around

StepOnIT, thanks for the feedback. I have and will continue to prowl the thumper forums. Its been a great tool for digging up info on additions i plan to add such as luggage. I also have come across your post before, in due time i will be PMing you for routes i assure you!

A minor update to you all, i'm heading up to Big White and the end of march and will be back in Sauga on the 2nd week of april. I'll immediately be applying for my moto licence. My searches on info regarding obtaining the licence havent been fruitful.. Are there practical lessons i have to go through? Having been a rider for 5 years am I able to just have a practical test + written test and obtain an M2? Or must i go through obtaining an M1 and waiting two months before upgrading to M2? If yes, would i be able to purchase a bike with an M1 licence first?

You still have to sit for all the tests (written and practical) as far as I'm concerned. If you bring your licence, you will be credited for a year's experience, so that you don't have to wait the three months a M1 licence holder has to. If you bring a letter from the government agency stating that you have five years' worth of experience, they will allow you to skip the M2 test and go straight to the M. Although if you fail, you will not be allowed to take the M test again until you've done the M2.

Please do note that insurance will be very expensive for you to keep two bikes. At the age 23, no Canadian motorcycling experience, L4 postal code, and 600+cc bike, prepare a few thousands!
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