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Originally Posted by bensgone View Post
Both Oregon and Washington would have to make a real effort at getting the word out that this is now legal if it did pass or Mort's video will be all too common. I just can't see this going well in the NW and anyone who plans to do this should invest in a gopro to help prosecute cagers with the intent to kill riders.
I'm an outsider (from California) but have been in contact with Rob G - I run a li'l site about lane splitting as well, sort of a PSA for motorists that it's legal since lots of folks don't know that - just 52% of CA drivers know splitting is legal according to a recent study (PDF).

I've been splitting lanes in CA for over 25 years. Like many folks in California, it's a pretty big part of the reason I ride. I wanted to weigh in on the whole "intent to kill riders" thing. I often hear folks saying this and the reality (from years of experience in super gnarly SF bay area rush hour traffic) is just like all the other stupid shit that motorists do - they're just not paying attention. I know you get the occasional idiot running his mouth on some forum about his standard response is to open his door, but most folks don't think that way and even fewer will actually do it. I can count on my ten fingers the number of times I've thought someone intentionally blocked or otherwise impeded me while splitting over the years. The rest of the time - just not paying attention.
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