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Not sure if this belongs here but...

I set up a pretty simple route (about 20 miles) to see how BC and the Montana interact. I'm using the most recent version of BC on a Mac running OSM routable maps (I posted the link a few posts ago). I used a start and end point, had BC generate the route then had it convert it to a track. Both of these were sent to the Montana with no issues. BTW both BC and the Montana are running the same map.

On the Montana I set the track to View and changed the color to black (DRTBYK suggestion...?) then loaded the route. When it came up I noticed there were A LOT of blue dots along the route. When I clicked "Go" it came back with the 50 points error.

My question: is this a Montana issue, BC issue, OSM issue or operator error?

I like to use routes when I can for the turn notifications and there are times when I want to set up a route while sitting in a parking lot. Right now it doesn't appear I can do that, is it just me?
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