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Originally Posted by Attico View Post
You should try osm while you wait for city nav. They work well is most areas but dont have all the nice stuff of city nav. At least you can play around with that for a while.
Please define "work well". I can't get it to find the intersection that's a mile from my house. I even went so far as to zoom in to see exactly how the roads were named and still nothing. I left off the "Rd" and picked from the choices it gave me still no luck. I used the County and State Rt designations... nada. What am I doing wrong? (Where to? > Intersection )

If I can't count on it to locate something around the corner I don't have much faith in finding something 500 miles away.

I'm sure it's something I'm not doing right because so many here sing the praises of using OSM but I'm not seeing it.

Thanks for any advice!
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