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Some screenshots from Planetside 2. This game is just flat out ridiculous, I don't think I've seen more than 400 players fighting at the same time (supposedly the server handles 2000 players) but it's just pure chaos on some of the base assaults.

This takes talent. You can see the guy typing "CAN YOU GIVE ME A NUDGE?" in the chat.

Our platoon was trying to take the base on the other side of this ridge but the enemy was wreaking havoc on our armor with their rocket launchers.

Another base assault, our guys taking advantage of what little cover they can find. I'm in a Skyguard (Anti-Air) Lightning this time.

Friendly air support.

Found myself caught behind enemy lines when our assault failed. Ran out of missiles for my launcher but I wasn't done yet. The enemy was regrouping for a counterattack. So I camped their vehicle spawn, when they'd walk up to get a vehicle I'd take them out with my LMG. Takes about 5 shots to put them down and my LMG is ridiculous inaccurate at burst fire, so I had to fire one shot at a time. That black speck under my red dot is a dead guy, their vehicle spawn is on the left.

The unscoped view:

One guy caught on to what I was doing so he was sneaking behind the rocks trying to catch me from behind, only I wasn't on those rocks. He's just to the right of my dot. Easier to see on the original.

One dead VS Infiltrator. Sniping is so delicious in this game because of the physics, bullets actually drop at distance, so when you estimate the distance just right it's so satisfying when you get the kill.

Our squad gathering up for an armored assault. A dozen Vanguard and Lightning tanks, plus a Sunderer APC and Galaxy drop ships in the background to insert Infantry directly into the base.

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