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Whoa. The W thread was getting buried way too deep in the sea of threads!

Anyone been out riding? I took my new W out for about 100 miles. Wind was blowing like hell and only in the mid 40's. The low bars helped with the wind! New Race-Tech front and Koni rear shocks made a definite difference in ride quality!

After returning, I decided to do the bevel gear backlash adjustment mentioned in the following article and in the service manual. Has a neat cut-away drawing of the engine too.


My W is quiet for about the first 15-30 seconds at cold start up and the the backlash noise crops up pretty quickly and is significant. I have listened to a few idling on youtube and they don't seem as noisy (hard to tell though). I have read the cautionary tales about people messing with the bevel gear assembly. Usually that is if parts are removed though. The manual and article mention that 70 adjustment in either direction is a maximum limit. I found that I could make a significant reduction in clatter by moving around 10. Only the lower joint needed a bit of adjustment. I still have backlash noise, but I figured I would error on the loose side rather than risk a binding situation at start-up. I also wonder if the splines in the bevel gear shaft aren't a little loose after 40K miles. Anyone else have a significant clatter from the bevel gear side?

BTW, didn't know if anyone else had found the online version of the Service Manual.

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