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Originally Posted by ThePikeman View Post
Klinsmann will keep fishing in Germany for defense.

Chandler has finally decided for the US, so at least a replacement for Cherundolo is there. Brooks is on his way to being a good center back. Fabian Johnson can cover the left. Now you only need another center back. Maybe Jermaine Jones could cover there. He even improved his disciplinary record. Only one straight red and one yellow-red.

I haven't even left the Bundesliga so far and 3 of the players are still young or emerging.

What's missing in the US is soccer education between youth teams and college.
The argument here is that college is an impediment to a player's progress. That college coaches are too fixated on winning and not enough on development. Also, they're tactically naive. And finally, by their very nature colleges will favor different systems and thus shipwreck the idea of a consistent national playing style, as found in Spain, copied by France and then Germany. I believe the above is how Klinsmann feels.

Although Jones made a fantastic pass for the US goal last match, overall he is a frustrating and disappointing player. I can't see him at fullback, either. Maybe I'm wrong.

Chandler has a lot of work to do to impose himself on this team. He didn't do so in his first official match. I've liked him since he made his first start in a friendly. I hope he becomes a strength, the team needs at least one solid guy in the back 4.

You may like Brooks. But to me, whatever combination Klinsmann, and before him Bradley, put at center-back has always looked confused, prone to panic and easily penetrated.

I'm far from being an expert on the US men's team. Just a frustrated fan. Here's a decent take down of Klinsmann after the loss to Honduras.

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