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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
The argument here is that college is an impediment to a player's progress. That college coaches are too fixated on winning and not enough on development. Also, they're tactically naive. And finally, by their very nature colleges will favor different systems and thus shipwreck the idea of a consistent national playing style, as found in Spain, copied by France and then Germany. I believe the above is how Klinsmann feels.

Although Jones made a fantastic pass for the US goal last match, overall he is a frustrating and disappointing player. I can't see him at fullback, either. Maybe I'm wrong.

Chandler has a lot of work to do to impose himself on this team. He didn't do so in his first official match. I've liked him since he made his first start in a friendly. I hope he becomes a strength, the team needs at least one solid guy in the back 4.

You may like Brooks. But to me, whatever combination Klinsmann, and before him Bradley, put at center-back has always looked confused, prone to panic and easily penetrated.

I'm far from being an expert on the US men's team. Just a frustrated fan. Here's a decent take down of Klinsmann after the loss to Honduras.
Brooks is/was at the Hertha Academy here in Berlin. He does play in the German U20, so he shows some quality.

When college aged, the technical education of the players should be mostly finished. What's lacking in the USA are clubs with an academy for players between 10 and 18. That's when technical abilities are taught. There's also the start of tactical awareness to consider. Efficient pressing in defense, positioning in space to be a passing option and forcing defenders out of position to open spaces. It isn't necessary the streamlined style that's played in Germany now, it is more the overall improved tactical and technical education. Most players have the ability to learn different tactics in short time (when not totally different from the normal). The general rules stay the same.

When watching a high class game next time, have a look at the players of the attacking team without the ball. They always try to set up triangles to make at least two passing options available. That was very noticeable in the France - Germany game. There wasn't time to train any running routes so only these general rules of positioning and passing could be seriously relied on.

I highly recommend the Arsenal - Bayern match tomorrow. Both teams have good passers and going by Bayerns scary form this season, there will be goals.
The German Cup game between Bayern and Dortmund on the 27th will probably be with less goals, but it will be a tactical beauty. Since they do the whole program with extra time and penalty shootout if necessary, there will even be a winner.
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