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Originally Posted by SloMo228 View Post
Well, it's in the garage now. Someone gave it a terrible half-assed paintjob but it does start and run with no unseemly noises. Stalls as soon as you try to get on the throttle but I plan on cleaning out the carb just as SOP with every "new" bike I get. Any recommendations for a quality rebuild kit if it comes to that? I'll try to post up a picture tomorrow, it was too dark for a decent shot when I got it home today.
I didn't see where anyone answered you. I got rebuild kit #14146 from for my '96's CV carb, which turned out to be a Keyster eCO2 Ace K-583 kit. Be sure to get all the (likely) varnish off the pilot jet hole with the right sized jet cleaner wire, guitar string, etc.
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