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The sun was out and it looked warm.......It wasn't! So I went for a ride. This was the first time on the road with the hack. I haven't been that cold in a long time. I went about 8 miles. Just on the back road behind my house. Had the rig up to about 45mph. Nothing too dramatic to report. It definitely needs steering mods. Leading link forks are in the works. It did surprise me with how straight it went. I was even able to let go of the bars and nothing happened. The only thing that felt weird to me was when I was entering left hand turns the rear suspension on the bike would really unload giving it a very odd feeling. I got used to it, but I realize my rear suspension needs stiffening up. I also noticed how much power the extra weight asked for. The next thing I need to do is get the car break hooked up. Does anyone know the best way to plumb it? I would like to use hard line for most of it then switch to flex out at the swing arm. How can I go from the master cylinder(banjo bolt) to hardline, then back to banjo bolt (flex line). I thought about running flex the whole way, but It is a long way, and all the flex I have found is too expensive. Any thoughts??
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