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Originally Posted by Sam Bateman View Post
How do you route the cord for electric vests and such out from inside your 1-piece?
Is there a pass-through pocket or something similar?
I've got an Olympia Phantom and if there is such a pocket I haven't been able to find it.
Never had the need to use the electric vest under this thing until this Winter.

Sam Bateman
Arvonia, VA
On your phantom. Get another #8 YKK molded tooth zipper pull. (You may want to get two and do both legs.) You can order those from Seattle Fabrics, if you can't find someone local to you that has them. Take a pair of wire cutters and cut the two little plastic stops at the bottom of the leg zipper off. The stops that prevent the zipper pull from running off the end of the zipper. Now run the pull down the leg and right off the end of the zipper. Reverse the pull and put it back on, with the wide end of the pull pointed up the leg. Now put your new pull on oriented the way the original pull was, narrow end pointed up the leg. The narrow end of the two pulls should face each other. Now get a needle and thread and make several loops around the zipper tape, at the end of the zipper, on each half. Your replacing the bottom stops with thread so the zipper pulls don't pull off. Or Seattle Fabrics also sells replacement bottom stops if you prefer.

Now you should have a double pull Zipper. (What Olympia should have put on there to start with.) You should be able to zip down the top of the zipper a few inches, stick you cord through, and then zip it up tight around the cord.

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