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Originally Posted by Trl Rdr View Post
The hitch length rule of thumb is: Length = 2.5 X the wheel to wheel distance. Start the hitch length measurement from the wheel axle's. From Bob Carpenter in the late 80's.

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Actually, most settle for the ratio of 1.5 to 2.0 : Axle Track (at tyre centres)

Home-built motorcycle trailer


Its all about the leverage factor. Its seeking minimum trailer sway reaction moving the towball to left or right.
My trailer measures at 1.75 : 1

On that issue of to "floor" or "not to floor" a H.F.-type frame --- take note that the floor does good duty keeping the frame square. Also with these Harbor Freight trailers; owners report that the wheel bearings appear to be packed with vaseline, and routinely disassemble their's and re-pack with real grease!
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