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Originally Posted by MortimerSickle View Post
This is one situation I have wondered about: When splitting on signal-controlled two-lane freeway ramps, does the rider try to convince someone to let him in back in line at the signal? or does the rider just blow the light from between the lanes before the next guy starts out?

I would think the law probably would require getting back in line, but how is it usually done in practice?
I'm not actually sure how it's "supposed" to work; I just go right on by and go onto the freeway. Now, if there's a cop around, I just stop at the front of the light, still at the side of the lane, and go when it goes green. The cars never much seemed to care.

Oh and btw, this was on a single-lane ramp with the metering light. I'm not about to sit behind a bunch of f'ing cars when I can motor past them. :)

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