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Maintaining two very rarely ridden bikes - keeping them from breaking down

hey guys !

so, as life changed a lot for me i am barely riding anymore, especially having a girlfriend who will not get on the bike for what it's worth does not increase riding frequency either.

so straight to the case - i have both a SUZUKI RV 125 (see sig) and a SUZUKI GS 500.

they are both in a garage and have not been ridden for nearly 400 days. now, i do not want my bikes to break on me
and as summer is slowly coming up i wonder how i should take care of them for future times to come as i do not see
them getting ridden more than a handful of times per year anyway :(

so what should i do ? i know that that i probably should fully support them in the air with a stand in front and rear and
have the oil / oilfilter changed before i attempt starting them again ?

but then - as for on going keeping and making sure they dont break, that the tubings dont crack from drying out or whatever problem there could be,
please guys any tips appreciated as i do not want to part from them. they are in a garage at all times btw so not standing outdoors and both are air cooled so atleast cooling water/liquid is of no concern.

do they need to just be turned on and let sit idle to push around the fluids or what is in order ?

millions of thanks !
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