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Originally Posted by Steveo. View Post
I'm looking for a way to carry water, tools and a few odds and end on the dirt bike. Which would you suggest as my best option?

I need to carry 2 liters of water, snacks and some tools all the time on my KTM 250XC while out riding single track. I'll also be doing some hare scrambles and XC racing as well. May want to carry a windbreaker some days too. Other days I'm riding the same bike with my girls on their CRF50 and CRF70's and will carry all I had before, plus some extra stuff for first aid, clothing and snacks for 3. They carry their own water.

Since I can't see the Kriega stuff in person and it's tough to judge capacity from photos, I'd like to hear some opinoins.

Will the Hydra-3 fit a few tools, pump and can of slime or would I need the US5 strapped to it?

How about getting the R15 with bladder to fit all of it? Too big for racing? I have an R25 but it's too pretty (and big) to wear in the mud.

Maybe hard mount a US5 to the bike for the stuff that I would always carry and then add a 5 to the Hydra pack when I've got my girls out with me?

All opinions/options are appreciated. Thanks. ....Steve
Hi Steve,

I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head there. My suggestion would be the Hydro-3 for racing and general hydration. It has 1-liter of storage space, in addition to the 3 liters of fluid capacity in the reservoir, so there's space to stash energy bars, compact tools / tubes or those odds and ends.

You could then go for one or two US-5s (each one has a 5-liter capacity). If you only wanted one, I could supply you with an extra set of straps free of charge, so you can bolt one set to your bike and have the others free for attaching the pack to your Hydro-3.

Or - as you say - you could have one on the bike with heavier stuff, e.g. tools (might be worth picking up a tool roll to ensure they don't rub through the bag over time), tubes etc, in it and the other ready to attach to the Hydro-3. So you could out the rain jacket, medical kit and other stuff in there. This would probably be the mots flexible solution.

Plenty of folks race with the R15, which has four-point compression so it snugs down fully when not completely loaded, but every ounce counts in competition, so I'd probably stick with the Hydro (and a US-5 on the bike if you need it) for that.

Hope that helps, but let me know if you need any more info.


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