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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
It is amusing that the self-described champions of capitalism have a more socialist sports culture, while "socialist" Europe has a more free enterprise system. :)
From my point of view it is more a big show than a competition. If somebody gets too weak, he gets propped up or the team gets moved.

In order for a team to click, you need to settle on a formation and a line-up, neither of which Klinsmann has done.

Contrast that to Roy Hodgson in England. New coach. But he knows exactly what he wants. Despite fears that the England team would be a mirror of his cautiously dull Fulham teams, once the players learned their roles they were capable of highly creative and entertaining play. England's play against Brazil in the recent friendly was evidence of that.

I suspect the reason Klinsmann can't settle on a team or a formation is because he doesn't know what's best. Unfortunately, the team can no longer afford his indecision. Time has expired.
As far as I have seen from Roy Hodgson is, that he is playing every player in position with primitive and easy tactics and prays for some individual quality.
That's about what Bradley did with the US team. That's nothing for the future.

Sorry... game time now.
Arsenal is in for a (rape) date night.
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