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Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
Ok, Said this back in 08 when I got my bike and when we 690 pioneers started working through all these issues and sorting out the problems.

With respect, you may have sorted out your particular problems, but the problems associated with 690s per se appear to be far from sorted ...
Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
Up until 08 most KTM shops sold carbureted (I find it humorous that a motorcycle forum reply window indicates that "Carbureted" is spelled incorrectly) ...

It is – you need two ts ...
Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
So they sold relatively simple mechanical machines that had a couple of wires for the charging system and some simple lights. many of these dealers were forced to sell a limited number of the big 950 adventure bikes and many of those dealer mechanics had no clue how to work on them ... many horror stories of dealer repairs gone wrong on those 950's ... which were in reality just big simple dirt bikes. Now we quite literally jump into fuel injection ... a paradigm shift in technology and for the long term traditional motorcycle mechanic a bit of a mystery. Repairing a fuel injected vehicle is not magic. It is all about learning proper trouble shooting skills, reading wiring schematics, and following logical methods of locating the problem.

Your observations about 'simple mechanical machines' are not true at all - the 950s went beautifully for the people here I know who ran them – and a few who still run them - ditto the 625 SXC and 640 Adventure - all good solid (and fixable) bikes - and all very good performance - the 625 and 950 are only marginally off today’s specs and pace - in fact, the 625 probably has better pickup and a better gearbox than the 690 IMHO - older suspension of course ...

Fuel injection certainly improves fuel economy, but the complexity doesn't by definition lead to a better bike ...

Especially if you're after an ADV bike ...

Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
So you have a flickering oil light and the bike is fuel injected ... doesn't mean that its a complete loss because no one could possibly find the issue with all those wires. It is entirely possible that you have a couple of mechanics who are at this very minute being forced into a crash course with KTM efi trouble shooting and may for the first time be learning what a DVOM is or a wire probe. In many ways EFI is a lot easier to trouble shoot. You have these nice colour coded wires that connect have nice outputs on computer control boxes, you have a ton of ways to check things out. You don't have a bunch of passages in a mechanical box that may or may not be clogged...etc.

We are fortunate here in having a long-time KTM dealership with mechanics who have been working on these bikes since they were introduced – there is only one older KTM dealership in Australia ...

My point to someone a few pages back was that 690s are very complex bikes – and in my case an issue has arisen under warranty that continues to fox experienced mechanics and the tech mob at KTM Australia – if we can fix the issue (and I expect we will eventually) then the bike may prove reliable – but is it a good ADV bike?

The jury is out on that one, IMO – complexity isn’t necessarily what you want – at this point I admit I would probably prefer a mint condition 625 SXC – similar specs to the 690, but SIMPLE and easily fixable ...

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