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I have camped all my life from the age of 18 and up, I'm 54 now...still alive and sort of kicking. I can't sleep well at night without earplugs and I do wear them at all times. I never eat in my tent, don't store food in there either. But I also have all possible weapons I can think of on my person at that time just incase. The best working bear threat item I have found is the all favourite bear banger! I had the priveledge of getting to use one last summer while camping at Bell II on highway 37 on my way home from Dawson City. I was just walking back to my tent after a nice hot shower with nothing but a towel and smelly bar fo soap. Caught with almost my pants down! I didn't even see them until I was maybe 50 feet away from them! A mother black bear and her two cubs! She was eating dandelions as if it was her favorite desert. The cubs close by. I froze! It was almost cartoonish! I stood there watching them to see what was next....she didn't even think twice about me, she saw me for sure. She looked up just enough to show me she knew I was there and then kept eating. After maybe 5 minutes I settled down and enjoyed the show. She moved from site to site getting closer to my site as she moved. I made the decission to move slowly to my tent and get the bangers. She was still in the same place as when I started moving. She had sent the cubs up the tree next to her when she first saw me. They stayed up there for the entire time but slowly started down after I returned. I waited for them to get to the ground before setting off the banger. Once they were near their mother I let one rip directly infront of them. You must be careful as not to overshoot the distance and send it to the far side of them as to direct them into you. As it went off....they in an instant shot straight into the bush as if it wasn't there! She wasn't a small bear by any means....the cubs were the size of a medium dog. They alone could do you some harm I bet! But the mother could have easily had her way with someone my size, 220lbs of flab compared to her I'm sure!

So, for the cost of the bangers and the pen launcher a total cost of maybe $ worked extremely well! I now carry them at all times when camping I have it loaded but not armed at all times as it takes just a flick of the thumb to airm and a nudge to fire. It is extremely loud and has a good result.

I also use The Snizzle's appoach when in my tent.....I sleep next to my bike on the kickstand side and use it as a tent tarp pole that covers my tent and bike over night. IF, I were to find a bear so close to me....Yes I would probably pull the bike onto me in hopes it may help! Chicken Shit is almost my middle name when it comes to fearing something that can eat me!!!
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