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I'm planning on an 800 XC this spring but with the recent price in fuel has me thinking about the purchase much sooner. I drive about 22k per year and I could really save some money on fuel using the Tiger as opposed to my 4runner.
You'd have to really calculate it through whether this makes any sense. It's not just fuel consumption that has to be factored in, but the more regular and possibly more expensive services on the bike, you need tires much more often (might even out with the more expensive ones for the car, but I doubt it, I get normally around 40k on a set of car tires, 5 to 6k from the bike), the overall mileage and value hit you take is harder on the bike than on the car, you'll go through some expensive riding gear in a much shorter time, and so on.

So, to make this short: of course it's possible, whether it makes financial sense is a question that's much harder to answer and depends on the real cost you have for your car. I doubt I could use my bike cheaper than my A4.

But the other factor is lifestyle - meaning you might be happier when commuting on the bike and in some areas you safe time (commuter lane use, lane splitting). But you're also less safe. You'll have to balance all that for yourself.
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