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I just sold my 97 Cummins 4x4 5spd. Purchased with 145k sold with 202k.
It was always a second/spare vehicle. The reliable truck we would take on road trips. I drove it about 10k miles per year.
I had very few problems with it. That being said it was still expensive to own.
I do all of my own work and just buying parts gets tiring.

I made my final decision to sell when I had to drive it to work for a couple weeks this winter. Waiting for it to warm up, dealing with it chugging along for the first ten miles and not having much heat for 20 minutes got old quick.

I very much loved driving that truck when we used it for it's intended purpose. Towing cars or machinery was a joy. But honestly if you don't need a truck that size it's not worth the extra cost of ownership.

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