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Originally Posted by Hulley View Post
Two questions: 800 XC

1. What grade fuel are you guys using? I'm in Ga, not high altitude.

2. (warning dumb question ahead) Does anyone here use their Tiger 800 as an every day vehicle?

I'm planning on an 800 XC this spring but with the recent price in fuel has me thinking about the purchase much sooner. I drive about 22k per year and I could really save some money on fuel using the Tiger as opposed to my 4runner. I'm no stranger to riding in adverse weather and I'm sure with the proper gear, cold/rain isnt much of a problem. I will need to buy all new gear as I have not owned a street bike in about 7yrs.

What say you?
1. 87 octane.

2. I use the 800XC & BMW R1200RT as my everyday vehicle. Yes, you will save fuel compared to your 4Runner. That said, don't forget to factor in tires and maintenance, and I think you may find that the cost savings is not quite as significant as you may believe. It sure is a lot more fun though!
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