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Here's a narrative, pictures are uploading now and will be posted in a bit.

Slow and steady is what we've been experiencing.

The GC's crew has completed interior framing and little details here and there. A giant built in medicine cabinet in the master bathroom (basically just using the wall cavity between the bathroom and bedroom). A bookshelf built into one of the walls next to the kitchen. A coat hanging nook in the stairwell going down into the basement. Those kinds of things.

The plumber has started his stuff and did all the venting in the attic the other day.

The electrician is a good friend of mine and we've been working on that together. He's charging me peanuts and he's anal, so it's turning out great. We're putting a sub panel on each floor to minimize home run lengths, and that's turning out to be a good decision. We had the third story wired in 2 days. We're working on the main level now and already kinda started moving into the basement.

We hired an A/V guy to wire the house for whole house audio and phone/data/etc. He's been doing that and we're pretty excited to have music all over the place including on the deck.

As soon as we finished upstairs the insulators blew in cellulose in the attic and upper walls that are not concrete. It was pretty amazing the difference that made. The house is stunningly quiet now and it's holding heat like a bastard. Just a little salamander heater in the basement at the moment and it barely runs. The crew tends to leave a door open for running in and out and that's really the only heat loss we're seeing.

They're currently working on exterior trim and siding is soon to follow.

We just visited with our cabinet maker friend and he's just about done with our kitchen. THEY. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait to see them in place.

We decided to do a clear fir ceiling in the living room and dining room. I wanted to do it for the entire first floor until we got the quote.

I'm gearing up to get rolling on the concrete countertops and pre-staining the decking, which has been sitting in our living room for far too long, but we couldn't do it without heat.

For heat we are going with a Buderus (spelling?) boiler with 2 tanks. One tank will run the domestic and one the heat. The domestic tank is a dual coil so we can easily upgrade to solar thermal somewhere down the road. It is not a super-high efficiency boiler, but both the GC and heating guy recommended this "work horse" for it's long term reliability over the more expensive and temperamental models. They both said that our efficiency comes in having a super insulated tight home. Makes sense.

Our GC has been amazing. The quality of work is amazing and we are UNDER budget. That won't be the case for long because we changed a few things in the plumbing department (as in added another bathroom after his original quote) and added a few things in the kitchen as well. Either way, but the end of this project I doubt we'll be more than 3% over if any at all.

Pictures to follow if I don't fall asleep on the couch.
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