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Originally Posted by a1fa View Post
Sure, anything rotating within gravitational pull, and in presence of heat and atmosphere is bound to burn out and break... but 6.9L IDI and 7.3L IDI diesels are known for their reliability of components, injection fuel pump, and the engine. The simplicity of older diesel is very appealing. They just don't give up that easy....

We picked up a crew cab F350 dually IDI 7 or 8 years ago for horse hauling duty. The 3/4 ton Chevy with 6.2 diesel & a 700R4 tranny just wasn't cutting it. We wanted shoulder belts for the kid instead of a lap belt. Crew or extra cab was the only way to go.

Had 185k on it when we bought it. 198k on it now. Been pretty low maintenance really. Vacuum pump was out when I bought it. That was fairly cheap ($50 ). Had the rear brakes done...leaky rear cylinder & I didn't want to deal with them. That was $100 labor I think. Well worth it.

I picked up a rebuilt injector pump & 8 injectors a couple/three years ago when Uhaul parts was closing some stuff out. I think it was $250 for all the parts I'm using it as a daily driver right now & it's starting to spit/sputter at startup. Time to use the spare parts I guess. They made it almost 200k though from the factory so it's not all bad
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