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Doubletakes are the bees knees, but a little pricey. I honestly have had excellent luck with the visibility and durability of the stockers. If you don't keep 'em too tight they fold out of the way when hit with branches at 25 and so far haven't broken. Bark busters are mostly created equal. My vote is something with plastic hand guards to cut the wind. My vote is to mount them buy drilling and tapping the stock bar end weights if not going with new bars. My .02 on the counter shaft sprocket is to wait and see how you like the stock gearing. I personally have found it to be a little high for anything off the pavement. I have about 10k mixed miles on mine with the stock gearing and think it's a good compromise most of the time. You have about a million dealers near you, but if not going with them my vote is Rocky Mountain. They've always given me the best customer service and faster free delivery on the west coast. Their prices are usually very competitive too. Good luck with your new machine. I love mine and ride it every day it's not snowing or frozen; or work doesn't require the truck.
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