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I'm in an '05 Duramax/Allison Chevy extended cab long bed with a topper every day. Winter mileage is 15mpg, summer is 17. My tires last just fine, I have a set for winter and another set on rims for summer. It is comfy with a shit ton more room than any Toyota (I can't get comfy in a Toyota truck), has twice the power of a gasser, and you can haul heavy loads without even really knowing it's there (got a pallet - 2,520 pounds - of water softener salt pellets, plus the usual complement of tools in the back right now). Had to tow a car hauler to Montana last summer to get my daughter's car and had the same mileage towing that subaru as I did empty at highway speeds... of course I was a bit lighter on the go pedal, but still not below the speed limit...

I pull pretty much all my own maintenance/repairs, so I'm only spending $$$ on parts - which are not cheap. I replaced the head gaskets last year and put out about $2500 for parts and getting the heads cleaned, surfaced, and valve guides replaced.

Daily driver? For me, yes, cuz I am always carrying a truckload of tools and sometimes have to carry a heavy load. If you're not doing this, a gasser is definitely the way to go. Bueller will be along soon to question the economy of diesel

To your point of worrying about the electronics of a gasser: A diesel is pretty much drive by wire, electronic injectors, and electronic transmission... You won't get away from this unless you go with a mechanical fuel pump and non common rail injection system (think way older than 10 years)...

Comfort = Duramax/Allison...

but is sounds like you need a gasser, not a diesel.
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