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Compatibilism is going to have to wait for now! Too much of a different tangent, but I'll get to it.

I reread my original post (and saw a typo I’ll correct). I was a little afraid that perhaps I misrepresented what I intended to say, but I think I’m still dead on. To summarize the conclusion of my original post: GENCON-ers dressing up like who they want to be is no different than the dentist or doctor who removes his white lab coat and puts on a leather vest and jumps on his Fat Boy, no different than the guy who puts on a Rossi helmet and gets on an R1, no different than the guy who slicks back his hair and buys a Transformers Camaro. Everyone—and that includes me—presents themselves to the outside world in a way that they see/ want to see themselves or want the world to see them. We ‘project’ our internal image of ourselves to communicate our identity to the rest of the world. And we participate in something larger than ourselves when we do so.

I don’t take issue with Harley guys, and I have no idea how you got that I have anything against sportbike riders (I am a sportbike rider). And I don’t have issues with GENCON peep (I’ve had bruises on my butt from sitting on 20 sided dice more than once). The criticism I have—and the criticism everyone in society has—is when the external image projected does not match who the person really is.

It’s like this:
• When a guy who looks like a bad ass Harley rider is a bad ass motherfucker = Much respect and fear
• When a guy who looks like a bad ass Harley rider cries when he gets a parking ticket = FAIL!
• When a guy on a GSXR-1000, dressed like Nicky Hayden, spins his rear tire out of a corner at full lean while his knee and elbow are planted on the ground = Bow down!
• When a guy on a GSXR-1000, dressed like Nicky Hayden, tries to do a stoppie but crashes because he used the rear brake instead of the front: IDIOT!
• When a GENCON guy dressed like a Ninja can run up the side of a two story building while slicing grapes using shuriken = Real Ultimate Power!
• When a GENCON guy dressed like a Ninja, but is 200lbs overweight and takes the escalator while choking down two slices of pepperoni pizza = Fail.

The distinction I’m making is that whatever outward appearance someone projects should be backed up with corresponding abilities. How can we figure out if a motorcyclist is a ‘squid’ or a wannabe just by looking at them? We can’t. And honestly, I don’t spend too much time trying to figure it out. A guy looks like a bad-ass, I’m going to assume he is. A guy looks like an AMA superstar? Same. It takes a great deal of insecurity to go out into the world constantly challenging and undermining people. My concern is with myself and authenticity, making sure that I can back up my words and back up whatever the hell it is I’m projecting to the world. And the only way to do that is through action.

My original post was meant to encourage people to become who they want to be, to identify what was most important and develop it; and to be aware that often it’s not just others we fool when we’re wearing our costumes: sometimes we fool ourselves. That’s where the greatest danger lies: at that moment, the moment we confuse our appearance for our abilities and believe we already are who we want to be, development stops.

You made some great points here that I want to address. You also made a critical error in thinking I desperately want to address as well.

Backwards in order:

1. Encouraging people to be what they want, develop abilities and strive for greatness at any level is a wonderful thing if it is enacted in a regard befitting them, not you. Our desire to judge and better others is something innate inside of us, and more often than not causes us to err. See the bottom line with this is simply that WE do NOT have the ability typically to understand the path each person is on, even though we see things we think are errors and mistakes. Often our desire to "help" others or our desire for others to be "authentic" is simply not where that person is or should be at that time, you neglect to understand with this statement that if EVERYONE was Nicky, EVERYONE would then be a squid a scrub a noobie, because there would BE nothing to strive to and everyone would look at the next person up with .000001% more talent or time invested or skill aquired.....See what im saying ? We make mistakes in the desiring part for others. I want nothing more than my "tortured" friend to not be, I love him to death and I listen to him criticize others daily for lack of intelligence lack of originality lack of lack of lack of, but that is his path and only he can adjust or change it, see even then I wrote "right himself" and had to go back and change it, its built into us. I think you are on to something here with wanting to understand your surroundings though, I certainly don't want to be riding with "Nicky Hayden" and find out woops no it was a noob that just low-sided and made me high-side because of it, right ? I would never suggest not making a set of judgement calls that help make us safe and comfortable. Though that leads me to the next bit....

2. You reference these Nicky Haydenites in a way, again I dont suggest keeping yourself safe, that seems to state that each of these people WANTS to be something YOU have decided......This is your critical error. So my 1000.00 Miguell Duhamel helmet I bought which was the only thing I bought "from or of" a rider in all history made me want to be Miguel ? ok im not gonna lie I did wanna be Duhamel mostly because im older and he was older most of his career heheh, kidding. What is the line ? Where do you or anyone for that matter get to decide who WANTS to be anything ? Anyone passing this judgement is making a critical error. I do not mean to suggest there are NOT people posing in life, by all means there are. But the larger percentage of people I speak to riding RC-51's are not trying to be Nicky Hayden or CBR600s not trying to be DuHamel or what not, they simply just like the bike or the jacket or the colors. In the case of the Ninja 200 pounds overweight shoving pepperoni pie down his hole you say because he can't scale a brick building in a single bound while assasinating the GENCON committee members he is a poser and I say that guy having brass balls the size of new york state putting on a ninja outfit and trotting around eating pepperoni pizza IS what he was after. See you make a judgement based on what YOU think a person or group should be ABLE to do and maybe thats just your judgement and sure maybe thats a LOT of peoples judgements, 100,000,000 in China eating rice can't be wrong right ?, Wrong.....What people want and desire is not up for discussion or interpretation from us. Now if you walk up to said person and they flat out tell you they want to drag a knee while wearing a .45, throwing shurikens and scaling brick walls with their bad-ass beards and they are serious, poser judgement all the way and i'm with you, I hate those people.

Though I think if you inspect your thought process you will find more summary judgement than inspection-based judgment. We all do it, we are all guilty of it I think snap judgements keep us safe, keep us sane, keep us healthy in most respects its a gut instinct if you will. Though I think when you take the time to say I would be embarrassed to be with be seen near etc, maybe taking some time to inspect those people is in order, you might find your assessment of their "goals" or "abilities" is off base only in respect to your own thoughts of them. Some of these people you will find are right in line with where they want to be, enjoying the purple and bright yellow of a helmet only because its purple and yellow not anything to do with wanting to be Miguel Duhamel (sp* h H h ? ) How else could you explain auto-erotic-asphyxiation ? I am pretty sure those people aren't interested in "posing" for anything as that is a purely alone time mostly lol activity. Also the folks crashing doing stoppies with the rear brake again they fall into a different category than overweight ninjas in my opinion as do the crying harley guys all 3 much different categories.

I rambled a bit at the end...

I applaud that your goal is to back up your outward appearance with ability, I myself strive toward that end. I read voraciously, experience intently, learn and build aggressively and the more and more I consume in this life the more I find what I have said above is true. The real "lesson" here is that as you become more aware, more learned, more enlightened then the responsibility for others' well being and learning, leans to you. The more you know the more you learn the more responsible for others we become, that is the true mark of a human being in this life. I wouldn't suggest you stop judging or making snap calls especially in regards to your safety and happiness, though adjusting your understanding that others' happiness could exist in ways you don't understand and don't agree with might facilitate your own tolerance and pleasure. In addition to that taking on the charge that we should pass on/down/to others our knowledge in a soft and accepting manner will also yeild some fairly interesting results I would bet.

Looking forward to your next reply :)

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