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After installing the 31mm plates for the rear suspension

Holy slicing in the corners,
The bike is totally transformed.
I went for a blast up the canyon and is was 52 degrees out so with the tires not really warm I didnt want to see how far over I could go plus lots of sand from a snow storm a few days ago on the edges of the roads.

There is no more fighting to push the bars into a turn,
the bike easily goes where you want it to go, gently push the bar and the bike easily moves into a lean, the bike doesnt feel like it wants to stand back up as it did with the stock plates, it is a whole lot more flick able, dodging potholes, lane shifting quick maneuvers.

High speed 80 mph is steady.
Though with crosswinds you can feel them as the bike is now more reactive ,
its not twitchy, the feeling of having to force the bike to turn is gone.

It does not feel like it wants to fall into a turn either , the bike will stay where its set.
small changes result in a line change that happens quickly.

I have to get used to this new handling as it was a job to put the bike where I wanted it to go with the rear end set at stock position.

I like this modification the bike feels like a lightweight sport bike with a long wheelbase.

If your height challenged you will notice the rear being higher,
however slow speed stability seems easier as say like when your slowing to crawl in traffic the bike seems less top heavy , its a lot easier to balance while riding slow,
the steering is lighter , meaning less effort is required to make the bike change direction.

I also noticed a very slight rumble from the drive shaft when starting out as I was paying attention to this fact,
I will stress the very slight part, with the stock plates the takeoff was smooth, maybe others that make this mod will understand .

All in all 2 thumbs up for a rewarding modification.

Only thing to add here is that it would be a very good to add a spacer to the stock side stand,
so the bike wont be leaned over as far,
I fashioned one from a Hockey puck and it works well
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