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Originally Posted by Hulley View Post
2. (warning dumb question ahead) Does anyone here use their Tiger 800 as an every day vehicle?

What say you?
I say go for it.

I was using a T800 roadie for everyday transport right through the winter months - admittedly not too severe here, but can get cold and wet.

I have had no issues to date and find general upkeep and maintenance cheaper than a car.

The only reason I REALLY had to use a car was if I had to convey something big and/or bulky that just wouldn't go on a bike..

The only reason I don't commute everyday on a bike now is because I have access to free transport, otherwise I still would be happily riding everywhere. So much more rewarding than driving to work, in my opinion. The worst day commuting on a bike beats a good day stuck in traffic in a car..

I say go ahead, enjoy.


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