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I just bought a 20 year old Nissan UD 1800. It's a Class 5 truck (an F350 is "only" a Class 3) and the previous owner told me to expect 13mpg unloaded. My tests indicate that if I keep it in the green zone of the tach and max maybe 50 mph (not hard on Texas country roads) I am getting more like 20 mpg.

20 years old, 400k miles, and the steering and brakes are still excellent.

Then again I bought it as a trailer hauler with little expectation of putting major miles on it and expecting that I'd spend some money reconditioning it.

Isn't Jeep starting production of a small diesel Wrangler for the US market?

And the diesel Porsche Cayenne is getting excellent reviews.

I guess that the moral of the story is that not all diesels are the same.

Oh, and I am typing this from a motel en Mexico. Border diesel is, as I recall, about $1/gallon cheaper than in the USA. I will check tomorrow on the legality of filling my truck up here but am pretty sure that it's not going to be too much of am issue.

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