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i was on the little ape (sportcity 250) running errands and pulled in for gas off of lake shitty way in north seattle when lo and behold: road king with the attendant weekend warrior rider, decked out in the full hd catalog and sporting facial hair groomed to magnificence in a seattle salon.

he looks pointedly at my little blue scoot. "you ride that? you some kinda faggot?" it was a pretty unconvincing delivery. i grew up in lewis county, and when lc folks cast aspersions on your presumed heterosexual status there, they say it like they mean it. this dude called me a "faggot" the way i'd expect a dentist or bank manager to call me it, with a little querulous note at the end.

"i ain't gonna run errands on a road king, BRO," i said, "and if you're asking, between you and me, i'm not the one with the pirate drag costume ball i need to get to." (i blame a certain aprilia forum for bringing that response to mind..)

he sneered at me. "hey, we all like to ride. don't be a dick," i said, but he totally ignored me. he also blasted his pipes good and loud as he left.

most harley types in the area are nice guys (and gals), usually from the big software houses and cop no attitudes. the baggers and cruisers you meet riding 101 around the peninsula are friendly to a fault, and the only danger is that they'll let you get back on your bike drunk
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