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Originally Posted by Andyvh1959 View Post
Wow, 22 pages of discussion on countersteering!!??

I have been teaching the MSF courses for over 20 years, and to a point I don't try to explain how countersteering works, because a large percentage of people including riders of many years either have no real idea, or cannot grasp the concept, or some claim its a bunch of BS (which it is NOT), or are so LOCKED in their brains to only think go left-STEER left, or right, that they have no chance to ever understand it.

I can explain it, how it works, why it works. But it is far easier to coach people on how to do it and let them feel it for themselves. Once the "feel" of countersteering is developed, all the discussion and theoretical dicsussion is irrelevant for most riders.

Years ago my orthopedic surgeon was a student in my MSF BRC, along with this son and daughter. Now, the man is a doctor, obviously intelligent, but yet he would NOT allow his brain to consider accepting push left-go left/push right-go right when it came to applying countersteering for lean initiation and motorcycle control. He couldn't do it even after I told him not to think about it, just do it and feel/learn the response of the bike. He failed the swerve portion of the training and evaluation and I failed him in the class. I later worked with him one to one and finally got him to feel and accept it did work. His son and daughter easily grasped the concept and passed the class easily. He later did get his license and has been riding for over eight years now.

So, less theory, less discussion. Just DO it and learn from it. It works whenever you need to initiate a lean or change a lean angle (like mid-turn). I have found it still works for dirt riding, and even applies for ice racing.
Thank you for this, and thanks to all for commenting. My apologies for not responding earlier - was out of the country for five weeks with little internet access. I finally 'cracked' the countersteering concept - it might sound stupid but while walking I suddenly realised how 'body lean' does not EFFECT direction but is an AFFECT of it - might sound stupid but it opened the door for me. Also - I think a lot of my confusion started with not understanding you only countersteer to INITIATE the turn - the Instructor made it sound like something out of a dirt bike race thing with the rear wheel almost at ninety degrees to the front wheel....Thanks again for all the contributions, it really has helped me relax on my bike. I was able to really relax on my ride today for the first time
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