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I second that thanks! My clutch engages way too close to being completely let out also. I'll take a look for the middle adjustment tomorrow. I just installed a set of 1" Tusk handlebar risers today but i didn't ride. I'm hoping that this will get the airflow just over the top of my head with my Spitfire S-06 windshield. In stock configuration it was catching my visor. Annoying & was deep freezing my dome with the temps here in SE Oregon still in the 20's.
The middle adjustment in the cable is nothing magical. It just exists to allow you to compensate for a stretched cable, and dial in the right amount of free play to allow you to use the top (lever) adjustment. The proper adjustment is the same whether or not you achieve it at the lever or in the cable: approx 10-15mm of free movement at the end of the lever before the clutch starts to disengage.

The only other possibility is that the lever on top of the trans is not positioned correctly (removed, and placed on the shaft on the wrong tooth. If you follow Klay's directions about riding slow in top gear, then opening the throttle, and you find it slips, it's clutch-replacement time. Be sure you use MOTORCYCLE oil (without friction modifiers found in automotive oils) when you refill the case.
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