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Originally Posted by Hulley View Post
Two questions: 800 XC
I'm planning on an 800 XC this spring but with the recent price in fuel has me thinking about the purchase much sooner. I drive about 22k per year and I could really save some money on fuel using the Tiger as opposed to my 4runner. (snip)

What say you?
I don't have Tiger 800 yet, but I've been commuting on motorcycle for 11 years now, 10 years on Sportster and almost a year now on a Monster.

I think I save some fuel by riding my bike and not driving my car to the office ... but in terms of money, I'm not sure if I save any cause I had to buy riding gear, customize my bike to make it comfortable for me, those things adds up real quickly Not to mention that the price of big bikes are more expensive than the average city cars down here.

One thing I know I save, though, is time. Driving to the office takes about 60 minutes to 90 minutes, while riding my bike takes only 30 minutes... and it's fun, refreshing, and no stress at all

I read somewhere, can't remember where I read it or who posted it, about time saved by riding.

The person says something to the effect that the less time he spends in the traffic (when he rides a motorcycle) means he has more time to spend with his family. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, 1000%.

Commuting on my bike and spend less time in traffic jam, each day, I at least have 30-60 more minutes to spend with the wife and daughter, and that is priceless.
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